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My Gospel Productions was established as an independent Christian publishing company to service the needs of Independent Christian recording artist. We endeavor to place music in Christian film projects, secure radio airplay, provide far-reaching exposure for our songwriters and their music, and to assist in the development of songwriters and artists in the Christian Music Industry. We also facilitate all efforts related to the submissions of original songs to the music industry for the consideration of appropriate recording artists.
MGP is committed to Song Promotion, Music Production, Copyright Development and Artist Development. We maintain a significant network of record label contacts and consistently look for opportunities to pitch songs into compilations, other artists’ albums, soundtracks and any other possible music space. MGP also provides a Development Program for songwriters, artists and producers that we can help reach the next level in their career.

Our Catalog of songs has been registered with the Library of Congress, Copyright office and we have made them available to be reviewed by established Record Labels, Artists and Publishers that may be interested in Mechanical and or Performance-Rights Licenses.

Basia Anderson's Redeemed coming July 15th 2016!

Basia Anderson's Redeemed coming July 15th 2016!

My Gospel Productions

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